Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to Maid Central

    • Welcome to Maid Central

  • 2

    Clock, Job and Break Punches

    • How to Login to Maid Central

    • How to Login Mobile View

    • How to Clock in and Clock out Mobile View

    • How to Check in and Check out all team members for a job

    • How to take a break

    • Clock, Job and Breaks Quiz

  • 3

    Tech Dashboard, Job Information, and My Employee Profile

    • Understanding the Technician Dashboard

    • How to view Job Information

    • My Employee Profile: How to Access and What You'll See

    • Tech Dashboard, Job Information and My Employee Profile Quiz

  • 4

    Additional Functions and Features

    • How to Request a Clock Change Mobile View

    • How to Request Time Off

    • How to Request a Partial Day Off

    • Difference between Emergency Time Off and Time Off

    • How to Upload and Excuse for an Unexcused Absence

    • How to Create a Tech Note

    • How to Upload a Job Photo

    • Where to see your Tips from Customers

    • How to see my Hours Worked by Day from my Portal

    • Additional Functions and Features Quiz

    • Course Completion Survey