Course curriculum

  • 1

    MC Crash Course! Introduction

    • Why this MC Crash Course will lead you to success!

  • 2

    MC Crash Course! Scheduling

    • How to Create a Zone

    • How To Create a Team

    • Using the MC Job Schedule

    • Using the MC Master Schedule

    • Master Schedule Overview

    • Company Level Efficiency for a day

    • Using the MC Employee Schedule

    • Checking in to a job when your tech has a split schedule for a day

    • Setting up Technicians for Overnight Availability

    • Taking a Break during a Job

  • 3

    MC Crash Course! Dispatch

    • How to Move a Job

    • How to Bump a Job

    • How to Cancel a Job

    • How to Cancel Services, Set a Follow Up Reminder, and find Future Open Tickets

    • Dispatching using Job Schedule and Schedule Efficiency Map

    • Dispatching using Routing Report

    • Dispatching using Dispatch Board

  • 4

    MC Crash Course! Customer Support

    • Maid Central Customer Portal

    • How to Set Preferred or Exclude Times

    • How to set employee preferences -- Preferred or Do Not Schedule

    • Requeue Scorecards

    • How to turn off Scorecards for one customer

    • How to turn on Scorecard Emails

    • Maid Central Tip Options

    • Copy and paste your Scorecard Comments to social media sites

    • Maid Central Crash Course Survey