Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to being a MC User Account Sales Role Team Member

    • Intro to MC Sales Role.pdf

  • 2

    Starting My Sales Day

    • Welcome to MC Activate Account

    • MC Employees Using the unique URL to login via the Kiosk Dashboard

    • MC User Role Views Dashboards and Accessible Functionality

  • 3

    MC Sales Job Tools

    • How To Add a Note with Reminder Date

    • MC Working Open Tickets

    • MaidCentral Real Time Booking & Availability Calendar

    • MaidCentral Understanding Teams

    • MaidCentral Understanding Zones

    • Using your Availability Calendar

    • Using your Revenue Production Planning Report

    • Using your Job Schedule - Sales

    • Using your MC Master Schedule -- Sales

    • Using your MC Sales Dashboard

    • Booking a new Lead via MC Internal Quoting Tool

    • MC Sales Tools & Online Booking